A monthly dose of 3D art-related stuff by Pablo Munoz Gomez

Most of the time that I have allocated for this month's project has gone into the testing and refinement of workflows so that I can give you a more 'streamlined' and simplified version of the process.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, creating your own 3D objects from scans and photos is an awesome resource but it can be very time consuming and technical if you want to get it 'right'. For this reason, I wanted to find a process that was fast and that could give me decent results for my concepts.

Here is the result of the refined process I'm going to walk you through (this is without any additional filters or tweaks to the mesh/texture/material).

Preview in Blender Cycles

Keep in mind that this example is almost the 'raw' result of the mesh created out of the images so you can always clean it up more. For the purposes of what I want, it works great as I'm only interested in certain areas or features to use in my composition.

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