A monthly dose of 3D art-related stuff by Pablo Munoz Gomez

Knight creature final comps

Alright, so after the live workshop where we focus on the creation of custom PBR materials, I spent some time working on a few other assets and refining the materials a bit more.

Once I had a decent set of materials as a base, I moved into Substance 3D Painter to combine the materials with custom masks and add manual details before sending the project to 3D Stager. Here are a couple of the final renders I did for this guy:

Within the Mini-guide for this MAP I made reference to my favourite feature of 3D stager which is the 'Match image' tool. This allows you to place any image as a backplate and match the perspective... Stager can even create an environment for reflections based on the image! so cool.

So here is another render where I played a bit more with this 'match image' feature. I also did a quick mesh in ZBrush to cast similar shadows on the character based on the image.

Here is a screenshot of the scene in 3D Stager so you can see the reference image I used, the environment map that was automatically created and the additional pieces of simple geometry I added to produce the shadows on the character

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