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If the 'make art button' becomes a real thing with the use of AI tools, does that make concept artists obsolete?

Let's face it, the images you can produce with a bit of text as input and a couple of minutes to spare, are pretty incredible. Take for instance these few illustrations I created using MidJourney (more on this later) with the text prompt:

Portal of the gods in Beksinski style

That's it, I used other commands to 'force the portrait layout', but there is nothing else required to produce these awesome images... crazy right?

How about this sketch below?

100% AI - the text prompt: "a rough blue pencil sketch of a creature"

It's pretty amazing that you can just have a thought, put it into words and then let an AI tool figure out the rest. For instance, I was watching TV the other day (nothing in particular) and there was a quick shot of a busy street at night in Japan that gave me an idea...

I reached for my phone, opened Discord (that is how Midjourny works) and feed the AI bot these words: 'imagine a rainy night in a sci-fi alley market'. This is what I produce within 3 to 4 minutes (a large scale takes a bit longer):

So... yeah! I do understand the concerns that some artists are expressing about these types of AI tools, and the implications they might have for the industry. If you were to apply the principle of the Turing test to AI tools for art, when you can't easily discern whether the 'artwork' is made by an artist or a machine, then the AI tool is doing pretty well... at that point, why would a studio employ an artist when you can get a bunch of really good images in a few minutes?

Let me try to put your mind at ease... and hopefully, show you some practical uses of these tools from the perspective of an artist embracing the new technologies.

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