A monthly dose of 3D art-related stuff by Pablo Munoz Gomez

Time to wrap up the Shaman creature project with some nice renders from Marmoset. Remember that at this stage, we have the PBR texture sets so you can use any renderer to finish the image... I choose Marmoset for convenience and because it gives me really good quality.

You can even use 3D Painter to produce some render from iRay:

Or something like 3D Stager which give you really nice renders and you can send the entire 3D Painter project with one single click.

Also, if you have a decent graphics card the rendering time on 3D Stager with Ray tracing enabled is lighting fast... I have an NVIDIA RTX 3090 and this little clip below is all in real-time (I haven't sped it up):

Let's have a look at the lighting and materials setup...

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