A monthly dose of 3D art-related stuff by Pablo Munoz Gomez

The 3DSnippets Monthly Art Packs or 'MAPs' for short, are compilations of resources, assets and reference based on the monthly project.

This is how we generate a new 'MAP' every month:

  • We have a quick poll in the community to determine the next project. We try to explore a bunch of techniques and ideas so there is plenty to choose from.
  • Once we have the next project locked in, we define the 'focus' of the project. For instance, the project of one month would be to create weird creature that has plenty of hair/fur in the design... then the 'focus' of the project could be on the creation of hair using FiberMesh in ZBrush.
  • Usually the 'focus' of the monthly project determines the topic for the live workshop:
  • Through out the production of the project there might be a variety of resources that are required, like brushes, textures, alphas, meshes, materials, etc. Continuing with the furry creature example, some resources developed for the project could be a 'Grooming brush for FiberMesh' or some 'render settings' to render the FiberMesh outside ZBrush, etc.
  • At the end of the month when we wrap up the project, all the resources and tools used to create that project will be collected into a single MAP (ZIP folder) including a mini quick guide with the summary of the project in a PDF format:
That's it. You can thing about the 'MAPs' as a digital monthly mini-magazine, curated by you and the rest of the community, that includes a bunch of resources and tips based on the monthly project...

By the way, you can use the resources shared in the 3DSnippets MAPs in any way you want (meaning, you can use them for personal projects or commercial work).

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