A monthly dose of 3D art-related stuff by Pablo Munoz Gomez

We are a cool community with a monthly dose of 3D art-related stuff. Jump in!

The idea of the 3DSnippets is pretty simple:
I create a polished art project every month and walk you through the production process while sharing the different stages. :D

The content is educational and I'll be doing live workshops, developing resources (like brushes and materials), early access to cool projects and sharing 'Monthly Art Packs' for each monthly project (you can read about 'MAPs' on the MAPS page).

Here are some of the perks for the 3DSnippets members:

  1. Monthly Project topic POLL: You and the rest of the community are the driving force for the type of projects we do... so there is a pretty nice mix of stuff ;)
  2. Sneak Preview: Early access to final artwork and other 'secret' projects
  3. Sketches, WIPs and step-by-steps: If you follow me on Instagram or any other social media you'll see that I share quite a bit of the process... in the 3DSnippets, I share even more... there is no 'holding back'.
  4. PSD files with all the layers: Most of the projects end up in a nice render or illustration, so you'll get all the final work in a nicely organized PSD file.
  5. HD mobile and desktop wallpaper from the monthly project: Just an extra nice set of images based on the monthly project that you can use to make your PC and phone backgrounds look cool!
  6. Livestream Workshops: that's right! with every project we try to focus on different aspects of the production and we do live sessions covering a variety of topics and you can ask questions on the spot! (these are really fun)
  7. Workshop session recap: All live lessons are recorded so once you join, you'll have access to all the archives of previous workshops and if you can't make it to any upcoming live lesson, the recordings will still be there for you.
  8. Project 'MAPs': The 'MAPs' stands for 'Monthly Art Packs' and this is the juicy set of resources and assets collected through out each month's project
  9. Mini Quick Guide: This is a digital mini-magazine with a nice summary of each monthly project so you can keep your references organised (in PDFs)
  10. Time-lapse and other videos: These are usually part of the WIPs that I shared each month, sometimes I do short snippets explaining particular workflows and also time-lapses for longer bits of the process
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