A monthly dose of 3D art-related stuff by Pablo Munoz Gomez

In today's post, I'm going to walk you through a few workflows that might seem a bit random but they are definitely relevant for the type of project we are working on this month... Here are a couple of testing pieces I created with one of the processes I'm going to breakdown for you:

The main idea at this point of this project is to work on a bunch of individual pieces and have a variety of elements that we can add to the scene at the end.

I've separated the elements of the composition into the big, medium and small categories so that is easier to focus on specific parts. For example:

Big: Table, posters and background piece

Medium: Feature piece (the weird anatomy bit), tools and small draws

Small: smaller tools, dirt and fragments to scatter around the table.

I've also collected all the images I generated as reference and inspiration using AI (MidJourney) and you can download them in case you want to use them as textures for some of the 'posters'.

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