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I might sound like a broken record, but sculpting details in ZBrush is really easy... the key for a solid sculpt is to work on the forms. With the quick blocking tech quite I shared in the previous post I already had something decent going so I spent some time tweaking the volumes of the various subtools so that they feel part of the same.

Here is another WIP render (this time from Keyshot):

I think I'm happy with the 'flow' of the volumes and the general balance of details. The next thing that is probably going to give this concept a bit of a lift, is the weird 'membranes' or 'giant spider webs' that are at the bottom of the original design:

Anyway... for the details of this concept I used some of my custom brushes from the Giger & Beksinski pack. I want to go for that type of dark surreal vibe so they are useful in this project

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