A monthly dose of 3D art-related stuff by Pablo Munoz Gomez

After a little more testing on the photogrammetry space, I think I found the tools that give me consistent results and a process that is simple enough to produce the assets I have in mind.

I'm happy with the workflows for Large and medium objects so I'll just need to focus on getting smaller pieces in a decent quality and we'll be ready to move forward.

Here is a quick 3D model of a mountain in Blender Eevee with textures and the whole process took about 20 minutes (obviously not including all the testing beforehand).


I also added a plane with a reflective shader for the water and the sun with the atmosphere. It is really simple to play around with the placement of the meshes using Blender Eevee and seeing the lighting in real-time before switching to Cycles for a nicer render.

Let's dive right into it...

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